What is Keratin?

Keratin is a protein that is found naturally in the hair and protects your hair against humidity,which is the main cause of frizzy hair. Over time your hair loses its natural keratin, mainly caused by overexposure to the sun and damage caused by coloring and styling your hair. A Keratin Hair Treatment works to repair this damage.

How Do Keratin Hair Treatments Work?

Keratin treatments work to replace and recondition any holes and gaps in the keratin throughout the hair structure. This locks out humidity and repairs damage and breakage resulting in smoother, shinier and healthier looking hair.  Blow drying time is cut in half and your style will hold for much longer, even in the humidity of Sydney's Northern Beaches. 

How Long Do Keratin Hair Treatments Last?

Keratin treatments can last anywhere between 2-6 months, depending on the brand of Keratin you choose, the way it is applied and your lifestyle. At Studio 8 Hair we offer two types of Keratin Treatments, and advise that you take a free consultation service with one of our technicians who can assess your hair and advise which treatment would be best for your hair type and lifestyle.

Keratin Hair Treatments Available in the Salon

We have actively sourced and use 2 different Brazilian Keratin Treatments in our salon:

Option 1: Express Keratin Hair Treatment 

  • Duration: Between 8-10 weeks 

  • Ideal for: Fine to medium textured hair susceptible to frizz. Ideal for those looking to make their hair more manageable and reduce reliance on straightening Irons.

  • Benefits:

    • A rich moisturising treatment

    • Reduces frizz and adds shine 

    • Cuts down styling time

    • Keeps hairstyle in for longer

  • Cost

    • Short or add  on with another service: $99​

    • Medium/Long: $149-$199

    • Extra Long/Thick: $250-$350



Option 2: Classic Keratin Hair Treatment 

  • Duration: Between 4-6 months 

  • Ideal for: Coarse, wavy unruly hair that is highly susceptible to humidity. Ideal for people looking to reduce styling time and reliance on styling irons.

  • Benefits:

    • Can be washed on the same day 

    • Reduces frizz and adds shine

    • Smooths out hair 

    • Cuts down styling time 

    • Tones blondes 

    • Keeps hairstyle in for longer

  • Cost:

    • Short Hair: $199​

    • Medium/Long Hair: $249-$299

    • Extra Long/Thick Hair: $349-$450



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